Sunday, June 12, 2011


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Ok, we KAN'T even begin to describe the TWOBEWTS time had in Toronto this past week. SW*BJ let loose, got WERK done & fit in quality time with the cast of The Lion King. EPIC BEEYAWND belief!

Let's share shall we ...


SW shut it DOUWN @ our new FAYVE spot, Crews & Tangos. Our drag Queen host Carlotta Carlisle kept it moving & the crew couldn't have been more UHCOMUHDAYTING. The Lion King cast was on stage, on the floor partying and SUHPORTING our casue. After some SEERIUS dancing, singing and a cover of "Judas" to DYE for, SW brought BJ on stage to TWERQ it OWT with her. With many TWOBEWTS SHOWT OWTS and CD's sold we found new fans & a patron toast to the Gayest Village in Toronto for having us.
LYVE videos to come, stay tuned ...

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When we say TWOBEWTS AHMAYZMINT we mean it! Even NOW Magazine in Toronto agrees, having voted it "BEST breakfast in Toronto." Since 1998, "AUNTIES & UNCLES" has been SURVING, literally. SW*BJ and the one and only Simba himself took a stride over for a healthy, yet FLAYVURFULL turn on a Canadian breakfast. After sipping on coffee and tea we couldn't have had a better XPERIENSE with the picnic table, hometown feel of this QUTE corner gem.

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Kensington Markets was a find SW*BJ could have only found with the help of our TWOBEWTS Toronto native, Lorne. On a backdrop of KRAYZEE coloring, EKLEKTIK shops, cultural FEWD and a grouping of people truly OWT of this WURLD, Kensington is a staple of all things trendy and original. After a wondrous breakfast at Aunties & Uncles, the wolf-pack explored all these WHINEDEE streets had to offer. We even cruised by a rather interesting place, not seen by many. It's called HOT BOX CAFE and let's just say you have to NJOI the natural side of life to come here. CHEK OWT KENSINGTON'S LISTING of apparel stores as well as the rest of the PHUN activities sure to be had by YEW SALTEE SNYTCHES when you make your way to T.Dot as the locals call it.


THE MAD ONE BARBER SHOP is a find only the locals could tell you about. Located inside the basement of an AHMAYZING vintage shop where EVUREETHING is $10 (BLACK MARKET) these barbers know how to get PHRESH cuts down HONAY. After a successful showcasing by SW shown above, BJ went in to Brian who hooked him up without needing to say a thing. If you swing on through for some threads, make sure and visit these guys for a cheap, TWOBEWTS look, but beware these locals don't work on a 9-5 schedule so leave yourself time to hang out.

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What we loved most about Canada was its DEADAKAYSHUN to MUSAKK. With music videos playing and fans lined up to meet their FAYVE Canadian artists, SW*BJ admire them for sticking to a true formula of art. HMV sticks to that formula with not only a Top 40 SALECKSHUN, but with genres spanding from Metal to Electronic. BJ was able to make friends with the staff and get some of his beloved Canadian artists albums not found stateside! A big thank you to the staff at HMV as well as Canada for loving MUSAKK and still supporting it. TWOBEWTS!

Toronto was a beautiful XPERIENSE with another PHUN memorable time had by SW*BJ and the cast of The Lion King. We SELLABRAYTED birthdays at The Ritz Carlton Toronto, sang our hearts OWT with SW, ate more FEWD than necessary and looked PHRESH while SHAPPING and XPLORING this cities limits. As stated in WEK's previous, get on the only way to fly to Toronto with Porter Airlines and send us all your TWOBEWTS PHUN pix to TWOBEWTS@GMAIL.COM. We love you SNYTCHES and can't wait to see you in our next adventure!

CHEK OWT one of our FAYVE DYE hard Canadian artists, FeFe Dobson below with her newest single "Can't Breathe," and NJOI our throwback 90's playlist this WEK!


Friday, June 3, 2011


KAN we even begin to UHPAWLAJIZE??? After a rather long hiatus (is that allowed?) we are BAK! It has been a month of change, growth in career and life & a turn toward an even BEGGER TWOBEWTS! With many KNEW announcements on the way, we are prepared to TAYKE TWOBEWTS to UHNOTHER level with the help of our SALTEE SNYTCHES of KORSE. With that said, can we get on with the PHUN we have together? GEWD!

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One half of Nina Sky was a fellow student of SW*BJ in college and these girls are THA DEEL! Truly talented and it shows after having issues with their label releasing their MUSAKK, the girls created a new look, sound and PHRESH outlook on their FREE download, "THE OTHER SIDE." SW discovered a new track not featured on the album, titled "You." It was a feature with the DJ duo, CREEP. The song is HIPNAWTIK, magnetic and the video, 4GET it! CHECK OWT the vid below and get the single on iTunes now!

Some more AHMAYZING new releases this WEK include: Justin Nozuka's EP, 'Blue Velvet Sea' & Coldplay's new single, "Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall." 

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THE HANGOVER PART II = NOBEWTS! Same SHAT, different KUNTRY. More depressing than the first. The moments weren't KRAYZY abnormal, there were some sad scenes that took away from the PHUN spontaneity of the original. Was hoping for more, but we think we all NEW what was going to happen. o well.

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This one's for the chizzled businessmen out there. While we understand women have the essential DIZIRES for grooming, so DEW the fellows. At JOHN ALLAN'S (located in NYC & Chicago) you can RESEEVE the oldest form of male grooming. Since 1988, the full service includes scalp massaging shampoo, conditioning treatment, hot towel, haircut, manicure & shoeshine. With a pool table backdrop (as seen above) you can NJOI a game with the guys, sip back some ale and forget about BIZNESS. BJ will be tweeting his first XPERIENSE soon so any male SNYTCHES who wish to tag along make sure & email us @


GAT REDY HONAY BETCHES! If you're in Toronto June 06, 2011 this is your OFFISHAL invite to see our SW perform LYVE at Toronto's KRAYZIEST gay/drag bar CREWS & TANGOS! SW will be debuting her single for the Canadian audience as well as the video featuring BEAUTH SW*BJ! The Lion King cast will be in the house performing and hanging & if this couldn't get NE better, BJ will be making an appearance PHRESH off working with Mother Monster to meet some SNYTCHES and dance the night away with his TWOBEWTS partner! Please come join us and NJOI a truly TWOBEWTS out of this KUNTRY adventure!

SW*BJ sincerely hope we delivered a MEGGA KUMBAK for YEW who have been with us from the beginning or even this WEK. Tell your friends, follow us on TWITTER, and please come see us in Toronto. We love you and hope your Summer beginnings are PHUCKIN plentiful. NJOI the new tunes of Mother Monster this WEK. 


Friday, May 6, 2011


O SNYTCHES. We decided we had to show you some of HOUR FAYVE OWTTAYKES when we FURST were making up TWOBEWTS! NJOI the ridiculousness !



What's up SNYTCHESSS !? If you've kept up on TWITTER, which we know you have, YEW know that SW*BJ have been reunited this past WEK. We're dishing, eating, LAFFING and NJOIng what is our TWOBEWTS family. There are many thoughts running through our giant MYNDS and we hope to share them soon, but until then we KALABORATED on what we thought were this WEK's TWOBEWTS topics.

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Usually we will go on the stray and find those AHMAYZING shows to watch, but we have to say with our musical blood flowing, NBC's KNEW hit "The Voice," it is whole-heartedly TWOBEWTS! NBC marketed it so much so that you couldn't get away from it, so we decided "what the HEY." After last WEK's first episode we couldn't get ENUFF. Based solely on talent, this crop of YUNG-INS show what they got, no matter the size, color, age or genre. While some of them cater to a SPISIFIK judge, even the artists themselves have matched up with a judge not TIPAKUL for them, which alone will stir the pot of talent. A breath of fresh air from American Idol, and with readily available music on the WEBSITE for the show, you can follow along and UBSESS over your FAYVEs. See below for some of SW*BJ's PIKS & NJOI "The Voice" Tuesdays at 10 on NBC.

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Alexander McQueen will never be celebrated by FAYME, fortune or his untimely death. His provocative, outspoken, romantic, and DRUHMATIK life will be on display instead at New York's Metropolitan Museum from May 4-July 31 in Alexander McQueen:Savage Beauty. For an uncomparable price of $20 it should not even be an option as YEW will XPERIENSE life truly through the designers eyes with over 100 of his historic pieces on display. What's best, is if you cannot be here, the WEBSITE showcases all that is shown on hand, as well as videos highlighting his most FAYMUS runway shows, with a beautiful XPLUHNAYTION by Met curator, Andrew Bolton. It's as if he set his final showcase up for the WURLD to see, and see it they will. TWOBEWTS!!

Check OWT one of his most iconic runway moments from the Autumn/Winter 2006-7 collection. FAYMOUSLEE caught with cocaine just prior to this presentation, it was quite the controversy to be highlighting Supermodel star Kate Moss. But there's no denying, both he and she are AHMAYZING and it was an iconic moment in PHASHION.

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SW*BJ took a KNIGHT off for their TWOBEWTS selves to NJOI a play and evening of PHUN! Of KOURSE we had to go see the new & already two time selling national tour production of Wonderland. A twist on Alice's life as we saw growing up. She's from Queens NY and a mom. Struggling to find the happiness she has now forgotten, Alice goes on a WURLWIND, romantic adventure with a truly shining cast and XSEPSHUNAL music. Choreographed by Emmy Award winner Marguerite Derricks with tickets selling fast, VISIT the site and fall into the mystery and love of this childhood story. SW*BJ were LUCKEE enough to be invited out with some of the cast afterwards, a truly talented and TWOBEWTS bunch!

SALTEE'S it looks as if Summer is finally here, we SINSEERLY hope you're out NJOIng the PHUN and love of sunshine and good parties. SW*BJ wish YEW success in living your dreams and pursuing a LYFESTILE much like our TWOBEWTS one. MWA and see you all next WEK! 


Thursday, April 28, 2011


SALTEE'S ! Hello boys & girls & everything in between. SW*BJ have had a WEK to remember, and if you've been following us on TWITTER, then you know just what we're talking ABOWT. Let's jump into the madness that is TWOBEWTS !

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BEESIDES the already UBER XSITING Coachella and The Big 4 festival, here are a low down on some of the HAWTESST shows u and your friends can DRANK and be merry to this sizzling summer. Stagecoach, in Indio California is your twang, heartbroken, dog on the porch KUNTRY show. Featuring the likes of Kenny Chesney, Carrie Underwood and classics like Loretta Lynn, be sure and mosey on over to the most toothless show on Earth. One of TWOBEWTS personal FAYVES, Glastonbury in the UK is where Prince William & Kate Middleton should honeymoon. Who needs castles right ? Headliners U2, Coldplay and the ever so preggers, Beyonce Beyonce (HEY!) will rock the stage. To catch the rest of the acts and festivals RAWKING your tookus well into the fall check out the LOWDOWN <<< right thurr.

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When we say CHA-GASMIC we mean it! Chocri is a create your own chocolate bar, JEANYUS idea by friends and co-owners Franz and Micah. What started OWT as a way to make the perfect gift for his girlfriend, Franz then got so many REKWEST'S that he and MIcah joined forces to bring us HEVIN wrapped in our most DEELISH toppings. From bourbon vanilla to chocolate sizzle rocks Chocri can do almost anything to make your special someone, or in SW*BJ's case, our own self loathing KALORY needs fulfilled in a easy to make online webpage order. Get to 'clicking' SNYTCHES, the bars run around $10 (with your choice of choclate and 5 toppings). Did we mention, you get to NAYME your bar, TWOBEWTS!

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Ok HONAY BETCHES once in a while SW*BJ have to get into the serious matters, and when it comes to education and student loans, we're all feeling the HEDAYKES. With the economy in the quirky shape that it is, Upromise is a way to have those trusted people in your life (Mom, Dad, best friend, ex-lover, nanny, stalker) help you out in paying off your student loans & SAYVING themselves money. TWOBEWTS! It allows anyone to set up an account of their major credit or debit cards, and with money spent at countless retailers, restaurants, VACAYSHUN destinations and tons of other ways it donates a percentage toward helping you SALTEE'S pay off your student loans through Sallie Mae. Get to CLICKING

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Do you get it yet? Literally a dead ass (donkey). TWOBEWTS! This clothing line is inspired by the sometimes too often used slang for "im serious." Creator, Terrance Stradford II is the INSPURASHUN behind this up and coming label and he sat down with TWOBEWTS to talk a bit about his thought process and where he sees "DeadA$$" going. 

TWOBEWTS- How did this idea come about for the clothing line?
Terrance- Since High school, I've always wanted my own clothing line. I grew up wanting to wear Bape, GShocks, Jordans, Louie V and all that good stuff, but I couldn't really afford it. I was the dude who bought the 5 different colored tees from FootAction for 20$ and made it last the whole year. When I got to College, I had to put a marketing plan together. During one of her classes I started sketching and for some reason or another I kept thinking of the word "DeadAss". I thought "Who made that the replacement word for seriously? And why a dead ass? That doesn't even make any sense!" Then I started to draw what I thought a Dead Ass would look like and as I finished I thought "This would make the DOPEST logo." As I got deeper into the project I began to realize that "DeadA$$" to me was like Bape and Milo to Nigo (the creator of Bape and those little Pharrell characters).

TWOBEWTS- Has the response been well received?
Terrance- Yeah! The reactions are exciting! Literally everyone who comes into contact with the logo (especially for the first time) reacts like "Dead Ass?... Deadass... OHHH [The "I just discovered something" laugh] I GET IT! IT'S A DEAD DONKEY! THATS DOPE!" That response makes me feel amazing! Mainly because the logo started off as just some random little sketch in my notes and now everyone thinks of my logo every time they say the word "DEADA$$."

TWOBEWTS- How far do you plan to go with it?
Terrance- As far as God has planned for me. I don't wanna stop at tees, I want to do hoodies, jackets, jeans, sneakers, backpacks, purses, sunglasses, watches. I want to make all the things I couldn't have when I was younger. I want to compete with the brands I gazed at growing up and the companies that inspired me in the development of "DeadA$$"! I want the artists and entertainers that I enjoy to be wearing my clothes and hitting me up before I drop the next design or product so they can be the first to wear it.

TWOBEWTS- What can we expect to see in the coming months?
Terrance- You can expect a webpage for online purchases, a couple more t-shirt designs based around the main character "DeadA$$," a hoodie for the fall/winter season and a comic is in development as well as a few more surprises I have in mind. Trust me! You'll love what I have in store for the future.

TWOBEWTS- What's your favorite TWOBEWTS part of doing this line?
Terrance- My Favorite TWOBEWTS part of doing this line is seeing peoples reactions when they get the shirt or even when they see a friend wearing it. I know that sounds "cheesy," but to be able to see people smiling or even laughing when they see my clothes and watching them say it over and over AND OVER as if I don't get the jokey cleverness of the design I created and also knowing that, it was MY creative idea and hard work that triggered that reaction is the dopest feeling... seriously... DEADA$$!

To stay up to DAYTE on all things DeadA$$, follow that little ass on TWITTER

SNYTCHES we have so much in store for next WEK, we almost want to write more, but we'll SAYVE the XSITEMINT for another PHUN filled episode of this LYFESTILE. Keep up to date with us on our TWITTER and make sure if you're in Toronto you're catching SW in The Lion King, or seeing BJ while on tour with Bon Jovi next WEK. So long our HONAY BETCHES 


Saturday, April 16, 2011


SNYTCHES. HONAY BETCHES. OWR DVOATED FAHNZ! How may we ask are you!? We hope you've been NJOIng the weather if rain is what suits you cause mother nature is PISSD! While we have shopped for our FAYVE duds for Summer we will keep hope AHLYVE that the sun is coming. As we sip our KNEW Cocoa Cappuccino (to DYE for BTW) we XPLOUR this WEK's biggest and FEERCEst.

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MTV is bringing us a new NVENTIV way to NJOI awards, celebrating and showcasing all things online from music with the "Open, Ongoing, and Online Music Awards." PEAKING a look at your FAYVE Tweets, Best Independent Music Blog, NSFW Music Video and much MOAR! Connect via your Facebook or Twitter, Vote and watch the awards Live online April 28th at 8PM PDT. TWOBEWTS connected, voted and will look to see if our girl Britney is voted "Fave F**k Yeah Tumblr." VOAT now!

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It is time to ROK BRAWDWAY SNYTCHES! For those of you who think that Broadway and Musical Theater is an old folks sport this musical will send you into a TYME warp showcasing a MUSAKK timeline of your life. If you're still holding onto your pair of STOAN wash jeans, red LETHER skirt and can of Aquanet hairpsray it's TYME to dust those bad boys off and HED over to see ROCK OF AGES!! After having to explain the "rules" to a few patrons who didn't understand that any show that serves Jello shots in the aisles during the show is not the show that is about the dialogue of "boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back." It's a kick ass show thanks to the music by 80's hair bands like White Snake and STYX. TWOBEWTS SHOWT OWT to the kids SKREAMING those hits, Rebecca Faulkenberry, Mig Ayesa and the TWOBEWTS lead Dan Domenech (who makes his B'way DAYBEW in this show). So TAYKE a shot on Broadway with a shot in hand. YAHHHS BETCH!

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OMFG! Wafles & Dinges is a whimsical dream-like FEWD provided off a CHRAVULING truck, both full size and mini, in select NYC/Brooklyn LOWKASHUNS WEKly. The PHUN, quirky thing about them is you have to call their hotline or check their site to see where they'll be each WEK. Believe SW*BJ when we say its WURTH the hunt for just one bite of the wafle and spekuloos spread topping which will send your mouth into a dance of EPIK proportions. The best thing about all of this is the price, GRAYCIOUSLY cheap so you can add that cup of hot belgian cocoa. Find them on FACEBOOKTWITTER, HOMEPAGE or call their hotline at 866-429-7329 for the location and password of the day!

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He's BAAAK! How we've missed our ghost faced menace. The Scream franchise has been one of our FAYVEs since childhood. In Junior High we SKREEMED with Drew Barrymore, in High school we feared going to college and getting hacked, and the third didn't fully deliver, BUTT Scream 4 was all of these and more! You could laugh at the things you knew would come (and producers seemed to welcome that), and the way ghosty stalks and creeps doesn't get old, EVUR! So needless to say you SNYTCHES should be OWT this WEKend jumping around like we did. Watch the trailer BEELOW and know that no place is SAYFE anymore. 

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What a way to end the WEK. Scared and at the edge of peeing. Hope you don't mind. We suggest keeping up with us on TWITTER, grabbing a bite at Wafles, and catching a BRAWDWAY show with someone you trust because going home is a little off our path for the next PHEW days until the nightmares cease. Sincerely, your LYFESTILE guru's on everything TWOBEWTS! See you soon SALTEES.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WEK สิบสอง

When was the last time you had an OWTER body XPEERIENCE? We think we're having WUN right now. With all of YEW! 

Photo Credit: via H&M (Penn Badgley)

H&M has brought us the Fashion Against AIDS campaign for the 4th KUNSEKUTIVE time highlighting a unisex line, where 25% of the proceeds go to HIV/AIDS AHWEARNESS and prevention. To date, H&M has raised $5.9 MILYUN with this campaign, TWOBEWTS! For as much good as the campaign does, many stylists digress using the line for it's look seems to be a flop with a boxy, nude feel. But what can you do when you're dressing a boy as a girl and a girl as a boy? This isn't Rocky Horror SNYTCHES. We'll be picking up our $3.99 condom set when the line launches in 150 stores on April 26th.

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When you see Alaina Beaton (a.k.a. Porcelain Black) you start to WUNDER, how did she get signed to Young Money's label helmed by Rap icon Lil' Wayne? A hard-edged rock Goddess in her own right Black has found a home with her R&B/Hip-Hop counterparts including Nicki Minaj and Drake, as well as currently opening for Weezy as part of his I Am Music II Tour. BJ had the chance to work alongside her on this tour and she's as tall and full of NERGEE as is her music. Opening the tour with her new hit "This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like," she's larger than LYFE and is certainly among the TWOBEWTS family as one of our RAWNCHIEST glammed SNYTCHES ever! Get the FREE download of the WEK featuring her hit now and check out her FANSITE!

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KAN SW*BJ and all our SALTEE SNYTCHES round the WURLD SAI YAHHHS BETCH! Beach Palooza is not your typical day at the beach. It's sun and surf, with LAWTS of beer, music and O yea, a KRAYZEE 5k obstacle course that is NOBEWTS difficult, but looks hysterically NTURTAYNING. Bring your friends, colleagues and a KAMURA to capture this insanity. Taking place in Boulder, Chicago, NYC, Galveston, Long Beach and Tampa place your sign up orders now and get your gear (includes a Beach Palooza tee, Pineapple hat, a race bib and a Mike's Harder Lemonade) TWOBEWTS!!! 
A day of sun, PHUN, friends, beer and live music , what more could a SNYTCH ask for?

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In the celeb driven society we live for, it's only fitting if you are FAYMUS for a day! For the starting price of apx. $600 you can WEEZLE yourself a few PAPARATSOZ, hounding your EVURY MOOVE as you trance around town running errands, getting your hair did or just sitting and NJOIng the LYMELITE. CELEB-4-A-DAY does all of this and more (depending on your deep pockets). For you REEL Celeb hounds in the L.A. area, take the Safari package, bringing you along with a real life PAPARATZO to find all the sex, sleeze and TWOBEWTS celeb dirt that US Magazine literally KILLZ for. In our opinion, BEE all you can be and go for it, have fun with it, TWOBEWTS!

All this talk of fame reminds us, we need to get our TWOBEWTS selves outta here and work on our own FAYME GAYME. We hope you HONAY BETCHES have NJOI'd your WEK of grammatical ERRURS and loose mouthed PHUN we create only for you SALTEES. See you on our TWITTER and of KOURSE we hope to meet you in person if you happen to see SW in The Lion King or BJ on the gritty streets of NYC. 

Lastly, in honor of rock legend Kurt Cobain, we will be playing Nirvana all WEK!

Ciao Cheers Näkemiin!